Stained Concrete-West Palm Beach

Are you looking for a flooring system that is new and exotic? Are you thinking of installing it your office? Or are you planning on renovating your home? Epoxy Floors has just the flooring system for you. We are talking about our most loved Stained Concrete. We provide the customers of Epoxy FloorsWest Palm Beach every day to come and select their favourite stained concrete.

Stained concrete by Epoxy Floors West Palm Beach comes in a variety of stain colours that you can choose from or better yet, you can create your own stained concrete with a variety of saw cuts and stencils that we have at your disposal. You can transform your simple and plain concrete into something more exciting.

Stained concrete uses the process of staining to transform your old concrete to look like tiles or marbles or ceramics all the while staying in your budget. The stain permeates inside the concrete when we use the processes like border, ceramic, marble replication, stain blowing, tiles, etc. We have installed stained concrete in pool decks, driveways and garages, offices, patios, and many more.

We are well aware of the advantages our customers will feel to be getting when they install our stained concrete. Not only do stained concrete floors look amazing, they also give a very posh and professional look. You definitely do not have to worry about the floor’s durability. Durability is actually one of the major benefits of this system. The stain concrete is solid and has a lifelong. The stain will not fade away, and neither will it peel or chip off. Hence the maintenance costs on these floor are minimal. Furthermore, these floors are resistant to moisture. Moisture will not affect the color of the floors and will not fade it away. We guarantee you.

Stained concrete is also a healthier option as because of it having no cracks the problem of dust and dust mites will not bother you. Any sort of dust or stains can just be cleaned with a mop or a sweep. As it has minimal maintenance costs this flooring option becomes economical in the longer run. Additionally, the stained concrete releases or absorbs hot or cold air so your electrical bills will be down too.

Epoxy FloorsWest Palm Beach are providing you with an economical option as well as something that looks magnificent. It will tie your wholes space together by bringing its own character. You can customize your floors according to your space and color themes. You can even use this technique to mimic the flooring options that are more expensive than this without actually spending money on them.

We are here to help you decide your distinct pattern and designs. The staff at Epoxy Floors West Palm Beach are fully trained installers with years of experience at hand. They can help you select your specific stain and then install it. We are proud of using the latest technology and latest machinery available. Come, invest and don’t regret!

Polished Concrete Los Angeles

Epoxy Floors Los Angeles are specialized in providing you with the best of their flooring services. If you want to renovate your office floors or your home floors, Polished Concrete by Epoxy Floors might be the way to go. We will provide you with the high quality polished concrete that would not need retouching or waxing of any kind. You will be free of the hassle of maintenance and will get your desired product. We are able to achieve this because we have the latest and best polishing techniques at hand. Furthermore,being able to hire professionals that are well-experienced in their field is also a plus factor.

The substances we use in our polished concrete makes our work retain its high glossy finish that will make your floors look good as new. You do not have to worry about getting your old concrete floors broken because our professionals can work on old concrete floors and turn them into new. You can get polished concrete installed in various designs available or create your own style depending on your choice. We also give you the opportunity of selecting your own level of polish from the more satin finishes to the high glossy ones, of the floors.

Be it an office or a retail store, the places to install our polished concrete are endless. This is a very good alternative to the more high-end stones like granite or marble because we can copy the concrete to look like the actual stones.

The benefits of Polished concrete are endless. You can transform your boring floors to more durable and stronger floors that are not only resistant to grease, oil, abrasions, tire scratches and marks, chemical spills, footprints but are also beautiful and eye-catching. The floors are also safe from scratches and damages that are caused by heavy machinery and will not chip or crack. In addition to that since the floors are tightly shut and no pores ae visible they also become resistant to moisture and stains. The floors are low in maintenance so you do not need to worry about future repair costs because they will be minimal to none.

Our polished concrete also reflects light and hence will reduce your electrical bills. But you do not have to worry about it being too slippery because the process of mechanical grinding while installing your concrete floors will create enough friction.  Furthermore, the process involved will first transform your rough concrete surface into even and smooth surface free of any bumps, joint or cracks. All this process will involve the use of no harmful or perilous ingredients and neither will you need harsh or strong cleaners to maintain the polished concrete.

The state-of-the-art equipment and techniques we use help us attain our objectives and satisfy our clientele.  Our speciality is providing our customers with the quality that they cannot say no too. Your polished concrete will look beautiful, thanks to our team. Its affordable and long-lasting and is an investment to consider.

We specialize in durable and affordable Los Angeles polished concrete and making your concrete slab look beautiful. Call now for special discount pricing.

Epoxy floor

Epoxy Floors Atlanta

Epoxy floor chemistry

Epoxy floors are form of floors that enhanced the durability of floors. Such flooring uses epoxy resins for furnishing purposes. Epoxy resin belongs to monomelic and oligomelic family that react with other chemical and increases the adhesive quality of floor. It basically form the thermostat polymers that increases the durability of floor by reflecting the light. These polymers are remain stable during warm season, hence drastic effects of weather do not affect the floor.

Epoxy floor


  • Epoxy flooring is used by industrial and residential buildings for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of buildings.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and moisture.
  • Epoxy floors are slip resistant, due to the presence of slip resistant chemicals in it.
  • This do not hurt the finance of residential people of Atlanta.
  • Such floor do not require maintenance for years.
  • Epoxy resin easily spread on whole surface and cover the damaged area quickly, if you want to stick the resin for long than clean the area thoroughly before spreading of resin.
  • Different other floors may damage due to weather conditions but epoxy resin is resistant to drastic weathers.
  • Epoxy floors add value to kitchen, rooms, and office floors.
  • Epoxy resin can be mixed with different dyes depending on your demand.
  • You can select the color scheme of your own choice including obsidian, mocha,gold, shimmer gold, autumn, galaxy silver, crimson, fire glow, copper penny, ocean blue, flamingo, fuchsia pin and canary. Therefore, hundreds of unique combination are available for such flooring.
  • The

Cost for Epoxy flooring

Epoxy floors are coast effective for the residents and commercial market of Atlanta.  The price for such flooring vary depending on the type and size of surface. If the surface is rough and large than the cost for such flooring increases. Additional polishing and finishing incur more charges to customers.

Two to three layer coating

Epoxy resin is coated in more than three sets. The first coating is called base coat that is spread on the whole surface. The second coating is called chip coating, chips are banquet on desired areas according to the design required. Lastly, the chips are covered with clear coat that clear all the residuals and give finishing touch to floor.

Installation process

Followings steps are used for the installation of epoxy floor;

  1. Floor is first checked for damage, if a floor is innate than it is very difficult to install epoxy floors but if the damage is repairable than installation is very easy.
  2. Surface is prepared by applying cleaning chemicals.
  3. Surface is rinsed and grinned.
  4. The floor needs to be etched if pores are present in floor. Muriatic acid is used for etching purpose.
  5. The coating is spread on floor and fixed with rollers.

Non-hazardous sealants

The patch or crakes present in floor are covered by non-hazardous sealants. The chemical used in sealants is also non toxin and do not damage the hands of workers. Such chemicals also prevent bugs accumulation and dust blockage.