Epoxy Floors Atlanta

Epoxy Floors Atlanta

Epoxy floor chemistry

Epoxy floors are form of floors that enhanced the durability of floors. Such flooring uses epoxy resins for furnishing purposes. Epoxy resin belongs to monomelic and oligomelic family that react with other chemical and increases the adhesive quality of floor. It basically form the thermostat polymers that increases the durability of floor by reflecting the light. These polymers are remain stable during warm season, hence drastic effects of weather do not affect the floor.


  • Epoxy flooring is used by industrial and residential buildings for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of buildings.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and moisture.
  • Epoxy floors are slip resistant, due to the presence of slip resistant chemicals in it.
  • This do not hurt the finance of residential people of Atlanta.
  • Such floor do not require maintenance for years.
  • Epoxy resin easily spread on whole surface and cover the damaged area quickly, if you want to stick the resin for long than clean the area thoroughly before spreading of resin.
  • Different other floors may damage due to weather conditions but epoxy resin is resistant to drastic weathers.
  • Epoxy floors add value to kitchen, rooms, and office floors.
  • Epoxy resin can be mixed with different dyes depending on your demand.
  • You can select the color scheme of your own choice including obsidian, mocha,gold, shimmer gold, autumn, galaxy silver, crimson, fire glow, copper penny, ocean blue, flamingo, fuchsia pin and canary. Therefore, hundreds of unique combination are available for such flooring.
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Epoxy Floors Atlanta

Cost for Epoxy flooring

Epoxy floors are coast effective for the residents and commercial market of Atlanta.  The price for such flooring vary depending on the type and size of surface. If the surface is rough and large than the cost for such flooring increases. Additional polishing and finishing incur more charges to customers. Learn more about cost estimation of garage floor epoxy installation cost.

Two to three layer coating

Epoxy resin is coated in more than three sets. The first coating is called base coat that is spread on the whole surface. The second coating is called chip coating, chips are banquet on desired areas according to the design required. Lastly, the chips are covered with clear coat that clear all the residuals and give finishing touch to floor.

Installation process

Followings steps are used for the installation of epoxy floor;

  1. Floor is first checked for damage, if a floor is innate than it is very difficult to install epoxy floors but if the damage is repairable than installation is very easy.
  2. Surface is prepared by applying cleaning chemicals.
  3. Surface is rinsed and grinned.
  4. The floor needs to be etched if pores are present in floor. Muriatic acid is used for etching purpose.
  5. The coating is spread on floor and fixed with rollers.

Non-hazardous sealants

The patch or crakes present in floor are covered by non-hazardous sealants. The chemical used in sealants is also non toxin and do not damage the hands of workers. Such chemicals also prevent bugs accumulation and dust blockage.